Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today I visited a friend whom I haven't seen in 2 months. I've known him two years, and he's one of my dearest companions. This summer, he started dating a beautiful woman named Tiffany. I was happy for him, but he has dated a variety of women since we met, and it just never seemed to click. But now, after 6 months, he told me thinks they'll be getting married in the fall of 2011 and they're moving in with each other after Christmas. Today, he was a different man than the one I met two years ago. He's started caring more about his health - giving up smoking, monitoring his diabetes, eating less junk, etc. He smiles more. He's more laid-back. It was bittersweet for me...this transformation is a testament to his love for Tiffany. She didn't ask him to change - his feelings for her made him want to change...even if it was only subconscious. 
I left his apartment feeling happy for my friend, and longing for a kind of love that transforms one into a better person, just for knowing their other half. But then I remembered...that's what God's love does for me. HE makes me want to be better.
Hallelujah, His love transforms. 

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so true. love you. miss you.