Thursday, December 3, 2009

'Tis the season for cookie-giving

It's Christmas again: a time for gifts and bows
It's a season for giving - that, everyone knows
But what to do when budgets are tight?
What can I give that will spread some light?
I have this idea, though it's not so new:
I'll gift cookies as gifts...yes, that's what I'll do!
How shall I package them, these thrifty sweets?
Why, I'll decorate bags for my my little treats!
Black craft paint ($2.19)
Thin-bristled paint brush ($1.10)
40 Paper bags ($1.00 at Dollar it)
Craft twine ($3.88)
Self-adhesive foam cut-outs ($1.00 - you guessed it)
Card stock for tags (optional)

Paint bags with phrase of your choosing:

Decorate with card stock cut-outs, stickers, or foam pieces:

Make tags and tie them on with brown craft string (I printed ours with Avery labels - so easy!):

Fill with your favorite treats and VOILA! Easy, fun, and inexpensive:

Happy holidays, lovely people. 

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