Sunday, November 2, 2008

Things have been a relative blur lately....things are going by BLAZINGLY fast! Which is good, because I'm looking forward to the Christmas season (I'm sucker for that holiday) but also bad, because I don't want to miss out on the day to day things.
On Wednesday I audition/interview for a worship leader position in Elkhart. I'm super nervous. But with this job more than any other before, I just want God's perfect and beautiful will to be done - even if that means NOT getting the job. I want a job. I need a job. But this is the kind of thing I will only be able to do, at least effectively, with God helping me every step of the way. It's such an honor and responsibility and I want to be in God's will regarding the job. So...just pray for me.
More to come....
God's abiding love be with you :)

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thats exciting! and scary. how far from
the church are you? i am praying for you
so much lizzie. let me know what you find
out. can't wait to see you. thanksgiving?
you are such an encouragement. love you!